Saturday, February 3, 2007

An Open Source Operating System for Humanity

Love: the original operating system for all of humanity.
  • Enables each and every person to interface effectively with every other person, regardless of race, color or creed.
  • Provides a framework for the highest quality of life in this world and in any and all possible worlds.
  • Always was, is now, and always will be infinitely adaptable to all cultures in every geographical and cosmological location.
  • Infinitely configurable and scalable - no individual is too small and no corporate group of individuals is too large.
  • Documentation included - basic code, or kernel, written indelibly on the heart, of every person.
  • More instructions and advice available everywhere in written, oral and visual form in every language by poets, prophets, artists and sages from every epoch of history.
  • Still more documentation in the lives of users' friends, family, neighbors, mentors, associates, even enemies.
This universal operating system includes all necessary software, skins and modules, and is free and freely available to any member of the human race. You already have this OS installed, although it might need to be rebooted, refreshed, updated or healed. Many times users have found their software has been corrupted by ill treatment or abuse, sometimes by others, sometimes by self. But fear not - a fix is available. All users beyond the age of early childhood should assume they need the cure, which is freely downloadable at any time.
Special note: This download is a spiritual one and comes directly from the heavens, from the Creator of the heavens and the earth, although there are many symbolic links everywhere which remind us of the real thing.
And here's another plus: Unlike other systems which require a third party validation, this software and its operating environment is self-validating in the human heart. In other words, you'll know it's the real thing when you see it.
[Note: the following symbols and links are not actual sources for this download, but are resources which may point, to one degree or another, to the real source - which is a spiritual resource and comes from the heavens.]
Symbols and Links:

Scripture: John 3:16
Painting: Rembrandt painting - Descent from the Cross
Song: Sins of Billions (mp3 file)
Web Page: Loving and Being Loved

  • All you need is love. Lennon/McCartney
  • Love your neighbor as yourself. Moses and Jesus
  • Love makes the world go 'round. Ollie Jones - sung by Perry Como
  • Only one thing is required—Love. Madame Guyon
  • God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him. John the apostle
Look around. Search your memory. Read your holy book. Reach out. Let someone love you. Love is open sourced and in the public domain. Try it today.

One more important feature: With every copy of the OS (one to each person) is included a pre-paid membership in an personally-inclusive, infinitely powerful distributed network of all souls who love, the whole world over. Participation in this network, as you might imagine, makes possible, in the here and now, an infinite number of connections/relationships - peer-to-peer. As well as (and particularly) an unmetered collaborative-connection to our Father in heaven. We have unlimited access to His assets and energies. All we can imagine and more.
No batteries required, no telephone, cable or wi-fi receiver necessary.

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